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See How Coggno Prime can help you save thousands of dollars on Courses
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This is why we do what we do
It has improved our knowledge for our field employees and supervisors to know the signs and risks of drug use on and off the job.
Q: Would you recommend Coggno to others?
Q: How has our product/service made an impact on you/your business?
The Righter Co.
Of course, it has helped us tremendously!
Q: What did you enjoy most about your experience?
The seamless efforts when hiring a new employee or training new supervisors. We can send it to their email and allow them to complete it in their own time or on the clock.
Office Administrator
Bridgitte Schmalenberger
Working Partners®
Operations Manager
Since 2017 Coggno has been providing Working Partners a Learning Management System to deliver their Drug and Alcohol training, which is a compliance course for organizations in the State of Ohio.
Dr. Ronald R. Zentz, RPh, DDS, FAGD, CPHRM
Risk Control Consulting Director
Coggno has been working with CNA for 8+ years, and have developed software to meet their needs specific requirements for delivery of their dental risk management training program for thousands of dentists and dental staff across the country.
Jim Diehm
A fundamentally different learning experience with Coggno
10k+ Courses Available
Cost Effective Pricing
24/7 Customer  Support
Free Data Migration
Features of Coggno
Tackle any learning challenge with Coggno's Intuitive LMS Platform
Improve trainee engagement with leaderboard of points on course completions, regular logins, survey responses and more.
Configure a selection of modules or courses for your trainees to progress through. Trainees are guided on which courses they must complete in a required order.
Schedule training via a global calendar and set due dates to your trainees. Your learners are alerted that these events are approaching and will receive reminders.
Quickly generate an overview of your company’s training initiative with real-time feedback of your trainees’ engagement and participation.
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